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Allan Licht


Allan Licht's student maddyMy daughter Maddy has been taking vocal lessons from Allan for the past two years.   Prior to Allan, we had tried other “vocal coaches” and found that they were more like choir instructors, but not Allan. His style of teaching is enjoyable and contemporary. Allan focuses mostly on current songs, and that keeps Maddy motivated and inspired.

When we found Allan, we found a teacher that knew how to take her talent to the next level. She has learned vocal control, breathing exercises, microphone techniques, just to name a few. She can now hit most of those high notes and hold them!

Allan has also given Maddy opportunities to perform at many live venues and on recordings as well. He invited her to sing a duet (I’ll Be There) with him on his “Finally Found” CD. We are very happy to have found Allan. We wouldn’t trade him for the world!
~ Debbie W.



I started taking lessons from Allan last year. He has the patience that every student hopes for in a teacher. Allan has a unique way about him that makes each lesson interesting, and with a level of knowledge and enthusiasm for the piano that makes me look forward to every lesson. ~ Matt B.



Allan Licht and IsaiahMy daughter has been taking piano lessons from Allan Licht for over two years. I am amazed how he has helped her develop her piano skills. Mr. Licht is very passionate about helping his students develop their talents. He teaches at a pace that allows them to master their piano skills. I highly recommend Allan to anyone who wants to work hard, have fun, and enjoy learning how to play the piano. Mr. Licht is the best piano instructor I’ve ever had for my daughter. ~ Bynetta H.






Allan is friendly and encouraging. My daughter has enjoyed working with him from her very first lesson two years ago. Her skills have improved tremendously, and I attribute this to Allan’s teaching style, and to the fact that he allows her to work on songs she enjoys. ~ Lili R.